Grass Killer – How to Succeed

Once you’ve got weeds or unwanted grass in or near your yard, there is really only two main methods of weed and grass killer, and that is a natural solution or a chemical solution.  Natural weed and grass killer includes using newspaper, black plastic and even vinegar.


Grass KillerNewspaper as Grass Killer

  1. You are going to need to get out the trusty lawn mower and mow down the area that has been run over by the unwanted weeds or grass.
  2. Now you need to get out the garden hose, get the water turned on and go ahead and make sure the area you just mowed gets nice and wet, so as to be the most effective grass killer.
  3. Newspaper has so many uses, but it is very important to make sure you grab the paper your spouse or significant other has already read.  Once you’ve located the proper paper, put down around eight to 10 sheets of it onto the wet grass.
  4. If you have any problems keeping the newspaper in place, simply keep the water on it, and it’ll stay in all but the strongest winds.
  5. Once the newspaper is down and staying in place with the proper amount of wetness, you are going to want to put some landscaping fabric over it.  You could also use mulch, but I’d recommend the fabric, as it’s more effective as a weed and grass killer.
  6. You want to keep the fabric covered newspaper down until the dries out.  What happens is now that you’ve blocked the sun, it’s not going to get the sunshine and nutrients it needs to live.  Please realize that this could take 14 days or so for this method of grass killer to be completely effective.

Black Plastic as a Grass Killer

  1. Just like using the newspaper, you need to mow down all the grass you want to kill.
  2. Instead of newspapers, this time you want to use a layer of good old black plastic, like the stuff you put down on the floor when you paint a room. Avoid using the clear stuff as it lets the sun in and you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot by doing that.  You want to be a grass killer, not a grass grower.
  3. Make sure you have some large rocks, or plastic gallon jugs filled with water to put down on the black plastic to keep it in place.
  4. Keep the black plastic down for a few weeks, or until you are absolutely sure that you have succeeded as a grass killer.

Vinegar as a Grass Killer

  1. Eliminate grass in a smaller area during the hotter days of summer by filling a spray bottle with white vinegar
  2. Soak the area of grass you want to kill with the white vinegar.  You know you want to be a grass killer, so do not skimp on this.  When we say saturate, that’s what we mean.
  3. It is going to take a few days of putting the white vinegar down on the unwanted grass.  So, just make sure to apply the vinegar for several days, or until you can clearly see that the grass has finally been killed.

These methods are very crude and can kill some plants or growth that are not weeds that you did not want to kill, so be cautions when you embark on your journey to become a successful grass killer.

Using chemicals can provide a much more effective and targeted solution as a grass killer.